The book is on the shelves!

Rogge next to the book display

The book started appearing in the shops at the end of October.  We didn’t even know it was on the shelf until friends started calling in sightings of book displays all over the country.  Jacana press listed the hard copy and the e-book on its website today.  The official launch takes place in Johannesburg next Friday, November 16, followed by the first Jo’burg concert on Saturday night.  We catch the Shosholoza Meyl train this Thursday at 11:30 AM and arrive in Jo’burg the next afternoon.  Wooohhhooooo!  I love traveling by train and recently watched Hitchcock’s North by Northwest in anticipation.

We’ve been a whirlwind of activity since we arrived in Cape Town on October 17.  So when people welcome me to the country and ask me what I think about living here, I really can’t say anything. I haven’t had time to digest or reflect on anything yet.  Until yesterday that is, when a young paint salesman asked me how the paint business was in America. I thought about Home Depot and Lowe’s and assured  him that the paint business was healthy.

I’ll write soon and send pics from Jo’burg.  You can also check out Rogge’s face book page for more info.

Love,   Karen

Karen painting front garden gate.

Rogge installing the new gate

Rogge looking out the new gate