Shosholoza Meyle to Jo’burg

The Shosholoza Meyl dining car

I just love the sound of “Shosholoza”.  We had a great overnight trip from Cape Town to Jo’burg.  We were assigned a 4 person compartment all to ourselves which was really helpful because we carried a lot of luggage.  Not clothing suitcases but, electronic gear, guitars, music stands, and of course, a cooler.  Rogge bought the papers and I settled with my book in front of the window and let the scenery flow over me.  What a beautiful relaxing way to travel.

I tried to photograph the city as we arrived Friday evening but, there wasn’t a lot of light.  I really like the pictures that I made during the trip so I am attaching them here as a gallery rather than posting a few individual snapshots.

The gallery begins with shots of Cape Town taken from the car on the way to the train station.  Continues with pics of Shannon, a young railroad porter who helped us with our bags.  Shots of the Western Cape and the Karoo.  Darkish photos as the train came into  Jo’burg.  And, pics of Rogge being interviewed for the book.  If you click on a photo, it will start a full screen slide show.  Here’s the url of the podcast of the first interview with Bruce Dennill

The official book launch is this evening, November 15th at the Bioscope Theater.  Tomorrow Rogge’s plays his first gig at the Radium Beer Hall with old friends, Brendan Jury on viola and Dan Chiorboli on percussion. I’ll send pics soon.

Love,  Karen


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