Jo’burg Launch

K Glynn, R Lucey, Ruth and Steven Sack

The Friday night book launch at the Bioscope Theater looked and felt like a Crown Mines reunion, the Jo’burg neighborhood where Roger and other young activists lived in the 1970s-1980s.  If you think back to some of Rogge’s stories, you’ll hear his voice saying, “…in Crown Mines….”

I was in the theater taking pictures of Rogge, Brendan, and Dan as they did a run-through before the show, listening with one ear to the growing volume of voices in the lobby and wondering about the turnout.  When the guys broke for drinks and opened the doors a Friday night party spilled into the theater.  We waded through a sea of smiling, open, inquisitive faces–everyone happy to see Roger, happy for him, and curious about his American wife. It was a warm, full-immersion experience for me.  Lots of Jacana Press folks were there including Maggie who introduced Roger and “Back in from the Anger.” The guys took the stage and I took photos and ran a slide show, projecting images on the wall behind them as they performed.

Here’s a link to Daya Coetzee’s lengthy review of the launch on bookslive website.

Radium Beer Hall chalk board slate

The Saturday night gig at the Radium Beer Hall was the same vibe as the Bioscope PLUS.  The place was sold out with a 35-person waiting list by Thursday afternoon.  Rogge, Gustav, and I arrived at 7:30 intending to eat dinner before the 9:00 show but, people were already there and he was immediately sucked into a good-will energy vortex that didn’t let up until the doors closed after 1AM.

Roger, Dan Chiorboli and, Brendan Jury played two sets interspersed with three readings from the book.  Folks sang along to a few songs including, “It’s All in the Heart” and “the Dali Lama.”  Rogge managed to tell the story of our meeting, marriage, and cross-country trip in-between songs and people introduced themselves afterwards and welcomed me to the country. Check the shot of Rogge signing books after the show on top of Dan’s bongos.

I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon while Rogge does an interview with Charles Leonard from the Mail & Guardian downstairs.  Tomorrow we pick up the 1997 Isuzu Frontier that we bought yesterday. Thursday morning we pack up the equipment and drive to Durban for the next leg of the launch.      Love,  Karen

1st 8 pictures are from the Bioscope Theater on November 16, 2012 followed by pics from the Radium.



2 thoughts on “Jo’burg Launch

  1. Karen,

    You managed to capture what seems like a wonderful reception of Rogge’s memoir. Thanks for the pictures too. Loved the picture of Rogge in his activist days. Goodness.

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