It’s a Wrap

What a year! What a book launch! SA has welcomed Roger back with open arms. The strategy of using the Back in From the Anger to relaunch his music career was spot on. We toured the country three times in the Isuzu Frontier — playing gigs all the way. After the first trip we bought a tent and a pass for the national game reserves/parks which allowed us to camp between gigs rather than staying in B&Bs. Every morning and evening we would go out on game drives looking for animals. It is amazing and thrilling to see how animals live in their own habitat. I fell in love with elephants and whales and I’m reading everything I can find about them.  We took tons of pictures which I’m not going to post. But, there are a few in the gallery primarily of animals in Kruger Park. Though we stayed in a number of different parks, Kruger is special due to its enormous size and the number of distinct environments that support a plethora of wild life. For example, on our first morning at Kruger we saw grazing rhino right outside the campsite! We also were really fortunate to be parked near a waterhole when a large group of elephants came to play and drink. We just sat there at the edge of the waterhole as the matriarch of one family walked up to the front of the car and eyeballed us. After she moved on, the calves and adolescents followed, trotting by the front of the car while a huge, large-tusked ellie stood behind the car. There were at least three individual families in the group of 18 or so elephants. The pics show males in the water and males shooing off buffalo. Check the size difference between the ellies and the buffalo. When we’re not traveling to gigs and camping we live a sedate-ish life in Cape Town enjoying the beaches and mountains. I attend daily yoga classes at a beautiful ashram and Roger practices and plays local gigs.

That’s a quick wrap of my life this past year. Actually, there has been so much going on, so many new and unfamiliar landscapes and experiences, that I really haven’t digested this new life of mine. It is only now as I pause and collect myself in preparation for a visit home that I’m beginning to reflect on the past year. I fly to Philly October 15 to visit family and look forward to traveling to Durham in early November to re-connect and catch-up with friends.  Love, Karen


3 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap

  1. Wonderful Karen! I have a particular love for elephants too … in fact at one point I was so absorbed in looking at them I felt I’d grown my own trunk – the fact that I was pregnant at the time may have had something to do with that 🙂

  2. What a wonderful year you’ve had — and very pleased to read about it. And the pictures are terrific. Enjoy your trip to the States and we hope to see you soon after your return — as it now seems doubtful that you’ll make it to Napier before you leave.

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